Equipment Design & Services

Equipment Design & Services

Genesis Engineering, Inc. provides services for the design of customized equipment, as well as the specification and inspection of product handling equipment.

Custom System Design

Knowing the rigors of material handling operations, our engineering team can develop robust equipment that can meet your specific material handling needs. Genesis Engineering has designed a full range of labelers, pallet load stackers, and other material handling equipment for Kolinahr Systems.


Equipment Modification

If your existing equipment has trouble keeping up with increasing production demands, or if your equipment is not meeting your expectations, our engineers and programmers can develop customized solutions for you. Genesis can design, build and install custom equipment or modifications to existing systems.


Equipment Specification and Bidding

Genesis can develop detailed mechanical and electrical equipment specifications for packaging, conveying equipment, and other product handling equipment. Services include competitive bidding and preparation of technical and financial bid tabulations for the client.


Equipment Inspection

Through years of assisting with equipment installations and start-ups, Genesis understands the financial and schedule impact of out-of-spec and faulty equipment. We offer services to inspect and test equipment at the Vendor’s shop prior to shipment, minimizing installation difficulties in the field. This effort can include inspection checklists, test plans, acceptance reports, and product shipment coordination. Our engineers will work with the Vendor to ensure that any issues raised during inspection are corrected prior to the equipment leaving the Vendor’s site.