Control Design & Programming

Control Design & Programming

If you want dependable machine control, let the highly skilled engineers at Genesis Engineering help you.


From individual PLC machine control to large distributed control systems, the engineers at Genesis Engineering, Inc. can design the system that best fits your application with control programming logic that is easy to troubleshoot and provides immediate indication of trouble for quick operator response. Genesis specializes in delivering complete control solutions where the design and programming are integrated and all aspects of the application, from installation and maintenance to operator usability to plant integration, are taken into consideration.

Machine Control

Genesis Engineering takes pride in providing machine control programming that is robustly reliable. We take into account every situation the machine can get itself into and program the PLC to respond appropriately. Today’s machine control has become more complicated as equipment is squeezed for more productivity. While the systems may become large and complicated, our programmers always anticipate the technician that may have to troubleshoot. Simple programs without unnecessary complexity is our goal.

Wonderware IT

Operator Control

If an operator cannot figure out how to run a machine or cannot determine what is wrong quickly, the associated downtime cannot be justified. We tailor the correct operator interface to match a system with an emphasis on complete and accurate information that empowers an operator to make the right decision quickly. Genesis Engineering also develops and deploys complete HMI systems.

Data Control

Networks have made integrating machines to information systems possible; business objectives have made the integration imperative. Genesis Engineering connects processes on the plant floor to information systems in the business office, interfacing between the often-dissimilar systems.

PC Control

When the functional goals cannot be obtained with off-the-shelf software, Genesis Engineering can build the software for you. Our software expands the capabilities of existing control computers providing custom fit applications that realize otherwise unattainable expectations.

Visual Studio

Motion Control

Increased production throughput requires more subtle control. Genesis Engineering uses up-to-date technology, balancing cost and performance to make sure processes stay in control and product stays off the floor.

PLC Programming:

  • Allen-Bradley™
    • PLC 5
    • SLC
    • ControlLogix
  • Modicon™
    • Quantum
    • Momentum

PC Programming:

  • Visual Basic 6™
  • Quest™ Simulations
  • .NET 2.0™
  • Visual Studio 2005™

Motor Controls:

  • Motor Control Center Design
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Master Control Panel Design
  • Servo Motors

Operator Interfaces:

  • Wonderware InTouch®
  • Panelmate™
  • InView™
  • PanelView™
  • Dataliner™


  • RS-232
  • ControlNet™
  • Modbus+
  • MUCM™
  • CAN
  • EtherNet/IP™
  • DeviceNet™
  • DH+
  • Remote I/O®

Bar Code Scanners:

  • Datalogics™
  • Allen-Bradley™
  • Sick™
  • Accusort™

Vision Systems:

  • Insight®
  • DVT