Conceptual Design & Analysis

Conceptual Design & Analysis

Genesis Engineering, Inc. is experienced in front-end conceptual design and analysis of existing or new material handling and packaging systems. Our services include System Throughput and Analysis, Simulation, and Plant Layout and Master Planning.


System Throughput and Analysis

When a client has a proposed throughput or packaging change, Genesis can assist with defining the scope necessary to accommodate such changes. Our engineers are skilled in system analysis, working closely with the client to gather operational, technical and product information. Through the use of time and speed studies, flow chart analysis, data iterations, and computer simulation, we can highlight potential problem areas before scope is finalized or installed. A systems study report is produced that includes all input data, system assumptions, results data, conclusions and recommendations. Analysis studies can result in conceptual layout options, control strategies, equipment lists, equipment specifications, power needs and procurement requirements.

Computer Simulation

Through computer simulation, Genesis Engineering is able to define and demonstrate to clients how changes in logic, layout, speed and packaging affect their systems.

Genesis has used simulation to help verify bottlenecks in a system. Queuing requirements for back up conditions and maximum product throughputs have also been determined. For existing systems, simulation models have been used with actual data to estimate staffing requirements and to show the impact of proposed production changes.With material handling systems growing ever more complex, simulation has proven to be a useful tool in verifying engineering calculations and demonstrating system functionality to the client. Simulation allows testing of a new system before it’s installed, and is a quick and cost effective way to determine how well a system will perform.


As stated above, when providing conceptual layout options, Genesis can also provide preliminary Bill of Materials, control strategies, equipment lists, specifications, and power requirements.Plant Layout and Master Planning

Genesis Engineering has a history of developing plant master plans, material handling layout options, and packaging line layouts. Whether looking for an expansion or modification of an existing system, or developing an entirely new plant, we will discuss your needs and work closely with you. If appropriate, we solicit input from various levels of your organization, from managers to engineers, technicians and operators. We strive to develop creative and flexible solutions, yet are mindful of the realities of fiscal and schedule constraints.